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1968 NBA Finals
Team Coach Wins
Boston Celtics Bill Russell 4
Los Angeles Lakers Butch van Breda Kolff 2
Dates: April 21–May 2
Eastern Finals: Celtics defeated 76ers, 4–3
Western Finals: Lakers defeated Warriors, 4–0

The 1968 NBA World Championship Series pitted the Boston Celtics from the East, against the Los Angeles Lakers from the West, for the sixth time in ten years.

The Celtics won their tenth NBA Championship in twelve seasons, by defeating the Lakers in six games. Significantly, Game 6 of the 1968 NBA Finals marked the first time that any NBA competition had taken place during the month of May.

1968 NBA Playoffs

Los Angeles Lakers (Western Division Champion) Boston Celtics (Eastern Division Champion)
52–30 (.634)

2nd Western, 3rd Overall

Regular season 54–28 (.659)

2nd Eastern, 4th Overall

Defeated the (4) Chicago Bulls, 4–1 Division Semifinals Defeated the (4) Detroit Pistons, 4–2
Defeated the (3) San Francisco Warriors, 4–0 Division Finals Defeated the (1) Philadelphia 76ers, 4–3

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