The 1983 NBA Draft took place on June 28, 1983 in New York City. A total of 226 players were selected over 10 rounds by the league's 23 teams. At least four players from the 1983 draft now serve as coaches. Two serve at major-college programs—Sidney Lowe at North Carolina State and Craig Robinson (who never played in the NBA) at Oregon State—and two in the NBA—Doc Rivers for the Boston Celtics, and Byron Scott for the Cleveland Cavaliers. While Scott won the Coach of the Year award in 2008, Rivers won an NBA Championship with the Celtics on that same year (it could be also noted that Rivers won that award prior to Scott, in 2000, while he was still coaching the Orlando Magic). Robinson, who led the Beavers to the 2009 College Basketball Invitational title, has an additional claim to fame as the older brother of current First Lady Michelle Obama.

^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame
* Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s) and (an) All-NBA Team(s)
+ Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s)
x Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-NBA Team(s)

Ralph Sampson (#50) was selected first overall by the Houston Rockets. In the 1984 NBA Draft, the Rockets would have the first pick again, and select Hakeem Olajuwon The two became known as the Twin Towers.

Round one

= All-Star
Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
1 Ralph Sampson* (C) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets Virginia-Sr.
2 Steve Stipanovich (C) U.S. Flag Indiana Pacers Missouri-Sr.
3 Rodney McCray (SF) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets (from Cleveland via Philadelphia) Louisville-Sr.
4 Byron Scott (SG) U.S. Flag San Diego Clippers Arizona State-Jr.
5 Sidney Green (PF) U.S. Flag Chicago Bulls UNLV-Sr.
6 Russell Cross (C) U.S. Flag Golden State Warriors Purdue-Jr.
7 Thurl Bailey (SF) U.S. Flag Utah Jazz North Carolina State-Sr.
8 Antoine Carr (SF) U.S. Flag Detroit Pistons Wichita State-Sr.
9 Dale Ellis* (SG) U.S. Flag Dallas Mavericks Tennessee-Sr.
10 Jeff Malone+ (SG) U.S. Flag Washington Bullets Mississippi State-Sr.
11 Derek Harper (PG/SG) U.S. Flag Dallas Mavericks (from Atlanta via Cleveland) Illinois-Jr.
12 Darrell Walker (SG) U.S. Flag New York Knicks Arkansas-Sr.
13 Ennis Whatley (PG) U.S. Flag Kansas City Kings Alabama-So.
14 Clyde Drexler^ (SG) U.S. Flag Portland Trail Blazers Houston-Jr.
15 Howard Carter (SG) U.S. Flag Denver Nuggets LSU-Sr.
16 Jon Sundvold (PG) U.S. Flag Seattle SuperSonics Missouri-Sr.
17 Leo Rautins (SF) Template:CAN Philadelphia 76ers (from New Jersey) Syracuse-Sr.
18 Randy Breuer (C) U.S. Flag Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota-Sr.
19 John Paxson (PG) U.S. Flag San Antonio Spurs Notre Dame-Sr.
20 Roy Hinson (C) U.S. Flag Cleveland Cavaliers (from Phoenix) Rutgers-Sr.
21 Greg Kite (C) U.S. Flag Boston Celtics BYU
22 Randy Wittman (SG) U.S. Flag Washington Bullets (from Los Angeles) Indiana-Sr.
23 Mitchell Wiggins (SG) U.S. Flag Indiana Pacers (from Philadelphia) Florida State-Sr.
24 Stewart Granger (PG) Template:CAN Cleveland Cavaliers * Villanova-Sr.

* compensation for draft choices traded away by Ted Stepien

Notable post-first round picks

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
25 Sidney Lowe (PG) U.S. Flag Chicago Bulls N.C. State
30 Mark West (C) U.S. Flag Dallas Mavericks Old Dominion
31 Doc Rivers+ (PG) U.S. Flag Atlanta Hawks Marquette
48 Craig Ehlo (SG) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets Washington State
54 Bobby Hansen (SG) U.S. Flag Utah Jazz Iowa
93 Craig Robinson (SF) U.S. Flag Philadelphia 76ers Princeton
97 Manute Bol (C) Template:SUD San Diego Clippers Bridgeport
137 Sedale Threatt (SG) U.S. Flag Philadelphia 76ers West Virginia Tech
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