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The 1989 NBA Draft took place on June 27, 1989 in New York City, New York, USA.

It has been regarded as one of the worst drafts in NBA history, along with the 1986 NBA Draft and the 2000 NBA Draft. Though the draft produced talented players such as Shawn Kemp, Glen Rice, Sean Elliott, Nick Anderson, Dana Barros, Tim Hardaway, Sr., Cliff Robinson, B.J. Armstrong and Mookie Blaylock, eight of the top ten picks were considered busts, including the first two picks Pervis Ellison and Danny Ferry. The draft was reduced from three rounds in the previous year to the two-round format still in use.

This was the first draft televised prime time on national television.[1]

* Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s) and (an) All-NBA Team(s)
+ Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s)
x Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-NBA Team(s)

Round one

File:Vlade Divac Portrait.jpg

Vlade Divac, the 26th pick

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
1 Pervis Ellison (PF) Flag of the United States.png United States Sacramento Kings Louisville
2 Danny Ferry (PF) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Clippers Duke
3 Sean Elliott+ (SF/SG) U.S. Flag.png San Antonio Spurs Arizona
4 Glen Rice* (SF) U.S. Flag.png Miami Heat Michigan
5 Herman "J. R." Reid (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Charlotte Hornets North Carolina
6 Stacey King (C) U.S. Flag.png Chicago Bulls (from New Jersey) Oklahoma
7 George McCloud (SG/SF) U.S. Flag.png Indiana Pacers Florida State
8 Randy White (PF) U.S. Flag.png Dallas Mavericks Louisiana Tech
9 Tom Hammonds (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Washington Bullets Georgia Tech
10 Jerome "Pooh" Richardson (PG) U.S. Flag.png Minnesota Timberwolves UCLA
11 Nick Anderson (SF/SG) U.S. Flag.png Orlando Magic Illinois
12 Daron "Mookie" Blaylock+ (PG) U.S. Flag.png New Jersey Nets (from Portland) Oklahoma
13 Michael Smith (PF) U.S. Flag.png Boston Celtics BYU
14 Tim Hardaway* (PG) U.S. Flag.png Golden State Warriors UTEP
15 Todd Lichti (SG) U.S. Flag.png Denver Nuggets Stanford
16 Dana Barros+ (PG) U.S. Flag.png Seattle SuperSonics (from Houston via Golden State) Boston College
17 Shawn Kemp* (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Seattle SuperSonics (from Philadelphia) Trinity Valley CC
18 B.J. Armstrong+ (PG) U.S. Flag.png Chicago Bulls (from Milwaukee via Seattle) Iowa
19 Kenny Payne (PF) U.S. Flag.png Philadelphia 76ers (from Seattle) Louisville
20 Jeff Sanders (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Chicago Bulls Georgia Southern
21 Theodore "Blue" Edwards (SF/SG) U.S. Flag.png Utah Jazz East Carolina
22 Byron Irvin (SG) U.S. Flag.png Portland Trail Blazers (from New York) Missouri
23 Roy Marble (SG/SF) U.S. Flag.png Atlanta Hawks Iowa
24 Anthony Cook (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns (traded to Detroit)[2] Arizona
25 John Morton (PG) U.S. Flag.png Cleveland Cavaliers Seton Hall
26 Vlade Divac+ (C) Template:YUG
Los Angeles Lakers KK Partizan (Yugoslavia, now Serbia)
27 Kenny Battle (PF) U.S. Flag.png Detroit Pistons (traded to Phoenix)[2] Illinois

Round two

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
28 Sherman Douglas (G) U.S. Flag.png Miami Heat Syracuse
29 Dyron Nix (F) U.S. Flag.png Charlotte Hornets Tennessee
30 Frank Kornet (F) U.S. Flag.png Milwaukee Bucks Vanderbilt
31 Jeff Martin (G) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Clippers Murray State
32 Stanley Brundy (F) U.S. Flag.png New Jersey Nets DePaul
33 Jay Edwards (G) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Clippers Indiana
34 Gary Leonard (C) U.S. Flag.png Minnesota Timberwolves Missouri
35 Pat Durham (F) U.S. Flag.png Dallas Mavericks Colorado State
36 Clifford R. Robinson+ (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Portland Trail Blazers Connecticut
37 Michael Ansley (F) U.S. Flag.png Orlando Magic Alabama
38 Doug West (G/F) U.S. Flag.png Minnesota Timberwolves Villanova
39 Ed Horton (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Washington Bullets Iowa
40 Dino Rađa (PF) Template:YUG
Boston Celtics KK Split (Yugoslavia, now Croatia)
41 Doug Roth (C) U.S. Flag.png Washington Bullets Tennessee
42 Michael Cutright (SG) U.S. Flag.png Denver Nuggets McNeese State
43 Chucky Brown (PF) U.S. Flag.png Cleveland Cavaliers North Carolina State
44 Reggie Cross (PF) U.S. Flag.png Philadelphia 76ers Hawaii
45 Scott Haffner (G) U.S. Flag.png Miami Heat Evansville
46 Ricky Blanton (F) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns LSU
47 Reggie Turner (SF) U.S. Flag.png Denver Nuggets UAB
48 Junie Lewis (PG) U.S. Flag.png Utah Jazz Utah
49 Haywoode Workman (G) U.S. Flag.png Atlanta Hawks Oral Roberts
50 Brian Quinnett (F) U.S. Flag.png New York Knicks Washington State
51 Mike Morrison (G) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns Loyola (MD)
52 Greg Grant (G) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns Trenton State
53 Jeff Hodge (SG) U.S. Flag.png Dallas Mavericks South Alabama
54 Toney Mack (SG) U.S. Flag.png Philadelphia 76ers Georgia


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