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The 1991 NBA Draft took place on June 26, 1991 in New York City, New York. Three of the top 12 picks (Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, Stacey Augmon) were from UNLV. As of 2008, two players are deceased (Bobby Phills, Brian Williams).

* Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s) and (an) All-NBA Team(s)
+ Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s)
x Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-NBA Team(s)

Round one


Dikembe Mutombo, the 4th pick

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
1 Larry Johnson* (PF) Flag of the United States.png United States Charlotte Hornets UNLV-Sr.
2 Kenny Anderson+ (PG) Flag of the United States.png United States New Jersey Nets Georgia Tech-So.
3 Billy Owens (SF) Flag of the United States.png United States Sacramento Kings (traded to Golden State) Syracuse-Jr.
4 Dikembe Mutombo* (C) Template:ZAI Denver Nuggets Georgetown-Sr.
5 Steve Smith+ (SG) U.S. Flag.png Miami Heat Michigan State-Sr.
6 Doug Smith (PF) U.S. Flag.png Dallas Mavericks Missouri-Sr.
7 Luc Longley (C) Template:AUS Minnesota Timberwolves New Mexico-Sr.
8 Mark Macon (SG) U.S. Flag.png Denver Nuggets (from Washington) Temple-Sr.
9 Stacey Augmon (SG/SF) U.S. Flag.png Atlanta Hawks (from L.A. Clippers) UNLV-Sr.
10 Brian Williams (PF/C) U.S. Flag.png Orlando Magic Arizona-Jr.
11 Terrell Brandon+ (PG) U.S. Flag.png Cleveland Cavaliers Oregon-Jr.
12 Greg Anthony (PG) U.S. Flag.png New York Knicks UNLV-Sr.
13 Dale Davis+ (PF) U.S. Flag.png Indiana Pacers Clemson-Sr.
14 Rich King (C) U.S. Flag.png Seattle SuperSonics Nebraska-Sr.
15 Anthony Avent (PF) U.S. Flag.png Atlanta Hawks Seton Hall-Sr.
16 Chris Gatling+ (PF) U.S. Flag.png Golden State Warriors (from Philadelphia) Old Dominion-Sr.
17 Victor Alexander (C) U.S. Flag.png Golden State Warriors Iowa State-Sr.
18 Kevin Brooks (SF) U.S. Flag.png Milwaukee Bucks Southwestern Louisiana-Sr.
19 LaBradford Smith (SG) U.S. Flag.png Washington Bullets (from Detroit via Dallas and Denver) Louisville-Sr.
20 John Turner (PF) U.S. Flag.png Houston Rockets Phillips-Sr.
21 Eric Murdock (PG) U.S. Flag.png Utah Jazz Providence-Sr.
22 LeRon Ellis (PF) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Clippers (from Phoenix via Seattle) Syracuse-Sr.
23 Stanley Roberts (C) U.S. Flag.png Orlando Magic (from San Antonio) LSU
24 Rick Fox (SF) Template:CAN Boston Celtics North Carolina-Sr.
25 Shaun Vandiver U.S. Flag.png Golden State Warriors (from L.A. Lakers) Colorado-Sr.
26 Mark Randall (PF) U.S. Flag.png Chicago Bulls Kansas-Sr.
27 Pete Chilcutt (PF) U.S. Flag.png Sacramento Kings (from Portland) North Carolina-Sr.

Round two

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
28 Kevin Lynch (G/F) U.S. Flag.png Charlotte Hornets (from Denver) Minnesota
29 George Ackles (C/PF) U.S. Flag.png Miami Heat UNLV
30 Rodney Monroe (G/F) U.S. Flag.png Atlanta Hawks (from Sacramento) North Carolina State
31 Randy Brown (PG) U.S. Flag.png Sacramento Kings (from New Jersey) New Mexico State
32 Chad Gallagher (C) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns (from Charlotte) Creighton
33 Donald Hodge (C) U.S. Flag.png Dallas Mavericks Temple
34 Myron Brown (G) U.S. Flag.png Minnesota Timberwolves Slippery Rock
35 Mike Iuzzolino (G) U.S. Flag.png Dallas Mavericks (from Washington via Sacramento) St. Francis (PA)
36 Chris Corchiani (G) U.S. Flag.png Orlando Magic North Carolina State
37 Elliot Perry (PG) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Clippers Memphis State
38 Joe Wylie (PF) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Clippers (from Cleveland) Miami (FL)
39 Jimmy Oliver (G/F) U.S. Flag.png Cleveland Cavaliers (from New York via Charlotte) Purdue
40 Doug Overton (PG) U.S. Flag.png Detroit Pistons (from Seattle) La Salle
41 Sean Green (F/G) U.S. Flag.png Indiana Pacers Iona
42 Steve Hood (SF) U.S. Flag.png Sacramento Kings (from Atlanta) James Madison
43 Lamont Strothers (G) U.S. Flag.png Golden State Warriors Christopher Newport
44 Álvaro Teherán (C) Template:COL Philadelphia 76ers Houston
45 Bobby Phills (SG) U.S. Flag.png Milwaukee Bucks Southern
46 Richard Dumas (F) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns (from Detroit) Oklahoma State
47 Keith Hughes (PF) U.S. Flag.png Houston Rockets Rutgers
48 Isaac Austin (C) U.S. Flag.png Utah Jazz Arizona State
49 Greg Sutton (G) U.S. Flag.png San Antonio Spurs Oral Roberts
50 Joey Wright (SG) U.S. Flag.png Phoenix Suns Texas
51 Žan Tabak (C) Template:YUG
Houston Rockets (from Boston via New Jersey and Cleveland) KK Split (Croatia)
52 Anthony Jones (SF) U.S. Flag.png Los Angeles Lakers Oral Roberts
53 Von McDade (SG) U.S. Flag.png New Jersey Nets (from Chicago) Milwaukee
54 Marcus Kennedy (PF) U.S. Flag.png Portland Trail Blazers Eastern Michigan

Notable undrafted players

  • Darrell Armstrong (PG), Fayetteville State
  • David Benoit (SF), Alabama
  • Marty Conlon (PF), Providence College
  • John Crotty (PG), Virginia
  • Robert Pack (PG), University of Southern California
  • Anderson Hunt (G), UNLV, Final Four MVP
  • Kevin Bradshaw (G), United States International University, NCAA Scoring Leader

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