The 1996 NBA Draft was the 50th draft in the National Basketball Association. It was held on June 26, 1996 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It is widely considered to be one of the deepest and most talented NBA drafts in history, with over one-third of the first round picks, as well as the undrafted Ben Wallace, later becoming NBA All-Stars. The draft contained three players that won NBA MVP awards (Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash) and seven other All-Stars (Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Ray Allen, Žydrūnas Ilgauskas, Stephon Marbury, Jermaine O'Neal, Peja Stojaković and Antoine Walker), for a grand total of eleven All-Stars. Moreover, seven players from this draft, plus Wallace, have been named to at least one All-NBA Team, the most among any draft. The draft class also produced two future Defensive Players of the Year in Wallace (a four-time winner of this award) and Marcus Camby (2007).

SLAM Magazine named this the best NBA Draft of all time. HOOP Magazine named it the second-best, behind the 1984 draft, whose highlights included Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and John Stockton. Most experts rate it along with the 1984 NBA Draft and 2003 NBA Draft as one of the best drafts in history.

name in Bold player in still active
* Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s) and (an) All-NBA Team(s)
+ Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s)
x Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-NBA Team(s)

Round one

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
1 Allen Iverson* (SG) Flag of the United States American Philadelphia 76ers Georgetown-So.
2 Marcus Camby

x (C)

U.S. Flag American Toronto Raptors UMass-Jr.
3 Shareef Abdur-Rahim (PF) U.S. Flag American Vancouver Grizzlies California-Fr.
4 Stephon Marbury (PG) U.S. Flag American Milwaukee Bucks (traded to Minnesota)[1] Georgia Tech-Fr.
5 Ray Allen(SG) U.S. Flag American Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Milwaukee Bucks)[1] UConn-Jr.
6 Antoine Walker (PF) U.S. Flag American Boston Celtics (from Dallas)[2] Kentucky-So.
7 Lorenzen Wright (C) U.S. Flag American Los Angeles Clippers Memphis-So.
8 Kerry Kittles (SG) U.S. Flag American New Jersey Nets Villanova-Sr.
9 Samaki Walker (PF) U.S. Flag American Dallas Mavericks (from Boston)[2] Louisville-So.
10 Erick Dampier (C) U.S. Flag American Indiana Pacers (from Denver)[3] Mississippi State-Jr.
11 Todd Fuller (C) U.S. Flag American Golden State Warriors (from Golden State via Orlando[4] and Washington)[5] NC State-Sr.
12 Vitaly Potapenko (C) Ukraine Flag Ukrainian Cleveland Cavaliers (from Washington)[6] Wright State-Jr.
13 Kobe Bryant (SG) U.S. Flag American Charlotte Hornets (traded to L.A. Lakers)[7] Lower Merion HS ([[Lower Merion Township, PA)
14 Peja Stojaković (SF) Template:FR-YUG
Sacramento Kings PAOK (Greece)
15 Steve Nash* (PG) Canada Flag Canadian Phoenix Suns Santa Clara-Sr.
16 Tony Delk (SG) U.S. Flag American Charlotte Hornets (from Miami)[8] Kentucky-Sr.
17 Jermaine O'Neal* (F/C) U.S. Flag American Portland Trail Blazers Eau Claire HS (Columbia, SC)
18 John Wallace (PF) U.S. Flag American New York Knicks (from Detroit[9] via San Antonio)[10] Syracuse-Sr.
19 Walter McCarty (PF) U.S. Flag American New York Knicks (from Atlanta[11] via Miami)[12] Kentucky-Sr.
20 Zydrunas Ilgauskas (C) Lithuania Flag Lithuanian Cleveland Cavaliers Atletas (Lithuania)
21 Dontae Jones (F) U.S. Flag American New York Knicks Mississippi State-Jr.
22 Roy Rogers (PF) U.S. Flag American Vancouver Grizzlies (from Houston)[13] Alabama-Sr.
23 Efthimios Rentizas (C) Greece Flag Greek Denver Nuggets (from Indiana)[3] PAOK (Greece)
24 Derek Fisher (PG) U.S. Flag American Los Angeles Lakers Arkansas-Little Rock-Sr.
25 Martin Müürsepp (PF) Estonia Flag Estonian Utah Jazz (traded to Miami)[14] BC Kalev/Cramo (Estonia)
26 Jerome Williams (F) U.S. Flag American Detroit Pistons (from San Antonio)[9] Georgetown-Sr.
27 Brian Evans (F) U.S. Flag American Orlando Magic Indiana-Sr.
28 Priest Lauderdale (C) U.S. Flag American Atlanta Hawks (from Seattle)[15] Peristeri BC (Greece)
29 Travis Knight (C) U.S. Flag American Chicago Bulls



Round two

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
30 Othella Harrington (PF/C) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets (from Vancouver)[13] Georgetown
31 Mark Hendrickson (PG U.S. Flag Philadelphia 76ers Washington State
32 Ryan Minor (SG) U.S. Flag Philadelphia 76ers (from Toronto)[17] Oklahoma
33 Moochie Norris (PG) U.S. Flag Milwaukee Bucks West Florida
34 Shawn Harvey (PG) U.S. Flag Dallas Mavericks West Virginia State
35 Joseph Blair (C) U.S. Flag Seattle SuperSonics (from Minnesota)[18] Arizona
36 Doron Sheffer (SG) Template:ISR Los Angeles Clippers UConn
37 Jeff McInnis (G) U.S. Flag Denver Nuggets (from New Jersey[19] via Sacramento)[20] North Carolina
38 Steve Hamer (C) U.S. Flag Boston Celtics Tennessee
39 Russ Millard (PF) U.S. Flag Phoenix Suns (from Denver)[21] via L.A. Clippers[22] and Detroit)[23] Iowa
40 Marcus Mann (PF) U.S. Flag Golden State Warriors Mississippi Valley State
41 Jason Sasser (SF) U.S. Flag Sacramento Kings Texas Tech
42 Randy Livingston (SG) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets (from Vancouver[13] via Washington [4] and Orlando)[24] LSU
43 Ben Davis (PF) U.S. Flag Phoenix Suns Arizona
44 Malik Rose (PF) U.S. Flag Charlotte Hornets Drexel
45 Joe Vogel (C) U.S. Flag Seattle SuperSonics (from Miami[11] via Atlanta)[15] Colorado State
46 Marcus Brown (G) U.S. Flag Portland Trail Blazers Murray State
47 Ron Riley (SG/SF) U.S. Flag Seattle SuperSonics (from Atlanta)[15] Arizona State
48 Jamie Feick (PF) U.S. Flag Philadelphia 76ers (from Detroit)[25] Michigan State
49 Amal McCaskill (C) U.S. Flag Orlando Magic (from New York via Minnesota and Vancouver) Marquette
50 Terrell Bell (C) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets (from Cleveland)[26] Georgia
51 Chris Robinson (SG) U.S. Flag Vancouver Grizzlies (from Houston)[13] Western Kentucky (Sr.)
52 Mark Pope (PF) U.S. Flag American Indiana Pacers Kentucky (Sr.)
53 Jeff Nordgaard (SF) U.S. Flag American Milwaukee Bucks (from L.A. Lakers[27] via Seattle)[28] Wisconsin–Green Bay (Sr.)
54 Shandon Anderson (SF) U.S. Flag American Utah Jazz Georgia (Sr.)
55 Ronnie Henderson (SG) U.S. Flag American Washington Bullets (from San Antonio via Charlotte) LSU (Jr.)
56 Reggie Geary (SG) U.S. Flag American Cleveland Cavaliers (from Orlando)[29] Arizona (Sr.)
57 Drew Barry (PG) U.S. Flag American Seattle SuperSonics Georgia Tech (Sr.)
58 Darnell Robinson (PF) U.S. Flag American Dallas Mavericks (from Chicago) Arkansas (Jr.)

Undrafted players

These players were not selected in the 1996 NBA Draft.

Player Original NBA team Nationality School/club team
Chucky Atkins (PG) Vancouver Grizzlies U.S. Flag American South Florida (Sr.)
Adrian Griffin (SG/PG) Miami Heat U.S. Flag American Seton Hall (Sr.)
Darvin Ham (SF-SG) Denver Nuggets U.S. Flag American Texas Tech (Sr.)
Erick Strickland (SG) Dallas Mavericks U.S. Flag American Nebraska (Sr.)
Ben Wallace* (C) Washington Bullets/Wizards U.S. Flag American Virginia Union (Sr.)


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