The 2014 NBA All-Star Game was a an exhibition basketball game played on February 16, 2014, at Smoothie King Center, where Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans play. The game's final score was 163 East to 155 West, with the Eastern Conference winning the game and Kyrie Irving winning the NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award.


Eastern Conference All-Stars
Pos Player Team No. of selections Votes
G Dwyane Wade Chicago Bulls 10 929,542
G Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers 2 860,221
F LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers 10 1,416,419
F Paul George Indiana Pacers 2 1,211,318
F Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks 7 935,702
C Joakim Noah New York Knicks 2
C Roy Hibbert Los Angeles Lakers 2
F/C Chris Bosh Miami Heat 9
F Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks 1
G John Wall Washington Wizards 1
G Joe Johnson Utah Jazz 7
G DeMar DeRozan Toronto Raptors 1
Head coach: Frank Vogel (Indiana Pacers)
Western Conference All-Stars
Pos Player Team No. of selections Votes
G Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 1 1,047,281
G Kobe BryantTemplate:Ref Template:Ref Los Angeles Lakers 16 988,864
F Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors 5 1,396,294
F/C Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers 4 688,466
F/C Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers 3 661,246
C Dwight Howard Houston Rockets 8
F LaMarcus Aldridge San Antonio Spurs 3
F Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks 12
G Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers 7
G James HardenTemplate:Ref Houston Rockets 2
G Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs 6
G Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers 1
F/C Anthony DavisTemplate:Ref New Orleans Pelicans 1
Head coach: Scott Brooks (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Template:Note Kobe Bryant was unable to participate due to injury.[3]
Template:Note Anthony Davis was named as Kobe Bryant's replacement.[3]
Template:Ref Scott Brooks chose James Harden to start in place of the injured Kobe Bryant.[4]


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