Welcome, anyone who is interested in the NBA is welcome to contribute! However, there are some rules of course.



  • Generally a 3 strikes system for vandalism is used for Vandalism. How ever it is up to the admins judgement what to do in each case.
  1. First offence: Warning
  2. Second offence: Short Block
  3. Third offence: Permanently blocked

Respect Other Editors

  • All editors should be treated fairly and with respect.
  • Also Admins should deal with others respectfully and professionally. Other than the tools that are at their power they are not above regular users in any way or shape.

Language and Images

  • Any non family friendly images posted will result in a Permanent Block.
  • Generally foul language should not be used on the wiki.
  • However within articles if it used with in well sourced context that is important information of the player the swear word in question can be used. In any other circumstance swear words should not be used in articles.
  • Vulgar language will never be acceptable by anyone when used in an insulting manner in discussions.


  • The Subject of a article has to be related to basketball in some manner.
  • The Subject of an Article has to be Nonfictional. Or in other words it has to be factual.
  • Not Basketball related info in a article should be kept to a minimum.

Do not delete or blank discussions

  • As stated do not delete or blank discussion. By use of common sense however you are encouraged to remove vandalism and blatant threats.
  • You are allowed however to move old discussion to an archive page.