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The Big East Conference (known as the Big East) is a conference participating in the NCAA's Division I, with member institutions in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin. Although its current charter dates only to 2013, it claims the history of the original Big East Conference, founded in 1979.

The original Big East split along football lines in 2013 into three blocs. Two of these were made up of schools with football programs that played in NCAA Division I FBS. The third contained schools that either played football in NCAA Division I FCS, or did not play football at all. One FBS bloc of three schools joined the Atlantic Coast Conference. A second FBS bloc of six schools maintained the conference charter, joining with several other schools and reorganizing as the American Athletic Conference. The seven non-FBS schools, all affiliated with the Catholic Church and thus known by media as the "Catholic 7", purchased the "Big East" name, as well as the rights to hold the conference's men's basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden, and joined with three other schools to form the current Big East.

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