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Big East Conference Women's Basketball Player of the Year
Awarded forthe most outstanding female basketball player in the Big East Conference
CountryUnited States
First awarded1983
Currently held byMaddy Siegrist, Villanova

The Big East Conference Women's Basketball Player of the Year award is given to the women's basketball player in the Big East Conference voted as the top performer by the conference coaches. The head coaches of the league's teams, currently 11, submit their votes following the end of the regular season and before the conference's tournament in early March. The coaches cannot vote for their own players.[1]

The award was introduced at the end of the 1982–83 season, the first season that women's basketball was under the purview of the Big East. The first award went to Debbie Beckford of St. John's. There have been six multiple winners so far. Rebecca Lobo and Diana Taurasi, both from UConn, and Notre Dame's Skylar Diggins each won the award twice in their careers. Shelly Pennefather of Villanova and two UConn players, Kerry Bascom and Maya Moore, were three-time winners, with Pennefather and Bascom doing so consecutively and Moore non-consecutively.

When the Big East split along football lines in July 2013, the conference charter was maintained by the football-sponsoring schools that now operate as the American Athletic Conference. However, the "Big East" name was purchased by the seven schools that did not sponsor top-level football (which soon added three new members to establish the current Big East). The current Big East fully recognizes award winners from the original conference as its own, and The American now considers its competitive history (as opposed to its institutional history) to have started with the 2013–14 season.

The voting resulted in a tie once so far, in 1984 when both Jennifer Bruce and Kathy Finn won the award.

Eight players have also won National Player of the Year awards. Rebecca Lobo, Ruth Riley, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, and Paige Bueckers are all recipients of the Naismith College Player of the Year award. Shelly Pennefather, Lobo, Jennifer Rizzotti, Bird, Taurasi, and Moore are all recipients of the Wade Trophy. Moore and Bueckers are recipients of the John R. Wooden Award.

UConn, which joined the current Big East in 2020 after having left for The American in the 2013 conference split, has the most winners, with 12 players earning a total of 18 awards. Apart from UConn, the only current Big East members with more than one winner are Villanova, with three players who combined to win five awards; DePaul, with three players who each won one award; and Creighton and Marquette, each with two players who claimed one award. Three current Big East members have yet to have a winner—Seton Hall, which was a charter member of the original Big East in 1979, and Butler and Xavier, both of which joined the Big East at its 2013 relaunch.


Co-Players of the Year
* Awarded a national Player of the Year award:
the Naismith College Player of the Year, Wade Trophy or the John R. Wooden Award
Player (X) Denotes the number of times the player has been awarded the Player of the Year award


File:Ruth Riley.jpg

Ruth Riley is the first POY winner from Notre Dame.

File:Maya Moore 2009.jpg

Maya Moore is the first player in Big East history (men or women) to win the POY as a freshman.

Season Player School Class Reference
1982–83 Debbie Beckford St. John's Senior
1983–84 Jennifer Bruce Pittsburgh Sophomore
1983–84 Kathy Finn Providence Sophomore
1984–85 Shelly Pennefather Villanova Sophomore
1985–86 Shelly Pennefather (2) Villanova Junior
1986–87 Shelly Pennefather (3) Villanova Senior
1987–88 Lisa Angelotti Villanova Senior
1988–89 Kerry Bascom Connecticut Sophomore
1989–90 Kerry Bascom (2) Connecticut Junior
1990–91 Kerry Bascom (3) Connecticut Senior [2]
1991–92 Frances Savage Miami Senior [3]
1992–93 Kris Witfill Georgetown Senior
1993–94 Lobo, RebeccaRebecca Lobo Connecticut Junior
1994–95 Lobo, RebeccaRebecca Lobo* (2) Connecticut Senior
1995–96 Rizzotti, JenniferJennifer Rizzotti* Connecticut Senior
1996–97 Wolters, KaraKara Wolters Connecticut Senior
1997–98 Sales, NykeshaNykesha Sales Connecticut Senior
1998–99 Abrosimova, SvetlanaSvetlana Abrosimova Connecticut Sophomore
1999–00 Ralph, SheaShea Ralph Connecticut Junior
2000–01 Riley, RuthRuth Riley* Notre Dame Senior
2001–02 Bird, SueSue Bird* Connecticut Senior
2002–03 Taurasi, DianaDiana Taurasi* Connecticut Junior
2003–04 Taurasi, DianaDiana Taurasi* (2) Connecticut Senior
2004–05 Batteast, JacquelineJacqueline Batteast Notre Dame Senior
2005–06 Pondexter, CappieCappie Pondexter Rutgers Senior
2006–07 McCoughtry, AngelAngel McCoughtry Louisville Sophomore
2007–08 Moore, MayaMaya Moore Connecticut Freshman
2008–09 Moore, MayaMaya Moore* (2) Connecticut Sophomore [4]
2009–10 Charles, TinaTina Charles* Connecticut Senior [5]
2010–11 Moore, MayaMaya Moore* (3) Connecticut Senior [5]
2011–12 Diggins, SkylarSkylar Diggins Notre Dame Junior [6]
2012–13 Diggins, SkylarSkylar Diggins (2) Notre Dame Senior [7]
2013–14 Janning, MarissaMarissa Janning Creighton Sophomore [8]
2014–15 Hrynko, BrittanyBrittany Hrynko DePaul Senior [9]
2015–16 Jenkins, ChaniseChanise Jenkins DePaul Senior [10]
2016–17 Schulte, BrookeBrooke Schulte DePaul Senior [11]
2017–18 Blockton, AllaziaAllazia Blockton Marquette Junior [12]
2018–19 Hiedeman, NatishaNatisha Hiedeman Marquette Senior [13]
2019–20 Agnew, JaylynJaylyn Agnew Creighton Senior [14]
2020–21 Bueckers, PaigePaige Bueckers* UConn Freshman [15]
2021–22 Siegrist, MaddyMaddy Siegrist Villanova Junior [16]

Winners by school[]

School (years in conference) Winners Years
UConn (1979–2013, 2020–present) 18 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2021
Villanova (1980–present) 5 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 2022
Notre Dame (1995–2013) 4 2001, 2005, 2012, 2013
DePaul (2005–present) 3 2015, 2016, 2017
Creighton (2013–present) 2 2014, 2020
Marquette (2005–present) 2 2018, 2019
Georgetown (1979–present) 1 1993
Louisville (2005–2013) 1 2007
Miami (1991–2004) 1 1992
Pittsburgh (1982–2013) 1 1984†
Providence (1979–present) 1 1984†
Rutgers (1995–2013) 1 2006
St. John's (1979–present) 1 1983
Boston College (1979–2005) 0
Butler (2013–present) 0
Cincinnati (2005–2013) 0
Seton Hall (1979–present) 0
Syracuse (1979–2013) 0
USF (2005–2013) 0
Virginia Tech (2000–2004) 0
West Virginia (1995–2012) 0
Xavier (2013–present) 0

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