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#24 Bones Millien, F[]

Position: F

Date of Birth: 05/23/1983 Height: 6' 8" Weight: 205 lbs College: Idaho State University '06 Hometown: Queens, New York

Biography: Bones Millien (MILL-ee-en) grew up in Queens, New York, and was introduced to basketball by watching Queens legend Kenny Anderson rise to basketball stardom. He also cites Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan as strong basketball influences.

“Never give up, despite any negative outcome,” Bones will tell kids. “Fight through it, and it will pay off.” That’s a lesson he learned as a youngster, when he didn’t make the biddy basketball squad when he was 11. He worked harder and was chosen for a different team.

When he got older, that work ethic took Bones from New York all the way across the country to Pocatello, Idaho, where the dunking machine was a standout at Idaho State University, leading the team in scoring and blocks in his final season at the school.

Bones enjoys video games and also considers himself a songbird. He feels his signing talents would be a hit on “American Idol.”

But quite possibly his most unique attribute is that he can palm a basketball with just two fingers. Give it a try to get a feel for just how hard that is.

Look for Bones and all of his fingers to be rocking the rim during the Globetrotters’ 2011 “4 Times the Fun” World Tour.

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