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The Central European Basketball League (also known as the CEBL) is a professional basketball competition in Central Europe. It is composed of teams from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Romania. The CEBL was created in 2007.

Season 2008-09[]


League Teams
Template:Country data AustriaTemplate:Namespace detect showall Austrian League Kapfenberg Bulls, Xion Dukes Kolsterneuburg, UKJ BC Mollersdorf Traiskirchen
Czech Republic Czech League Geofin Nový Jičín, BK Opava
Romania Romanian League BCM Elba Timişoara, U Mobitelco Cluj
File:Flag of Hungary.png Marso-Vagép NYKK, Albacomp
File:Flag of Slovakia.png Skanska Pezinok BC, BC Spisska Nova Ves , MBK Handlová, BK Inter Bratislava

Final Four 2008-09[]


Date Home Away Score
10.01.2009 18:00 (17:00) Bcm Elba Timisoara Geofin Nový Jičín 90 87
10.01.2009 20:00 (19:00) Albacomp Székesféhervár Kapfenberg Bulls 79 64


Place Date Home Away Score 11.01.2009 16:00 (15:00) Kapfenburg Bulls Geofin Novy Jicin 74 67 11.01.2009 18:00 (17:00) Bcm Elba Timisoara Albacomp Székesféhervár 66 92

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