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Divizia A (Baschet Masculin)
Country Romania
Founded 1950
Number of teams 16
Website [ Official website]

The Divizia A is the top-tier professional basketball league of Romania. There are 16 teams in Men's Division A.

The regular season begins in October and is played over a normal round-robin home-and-away basis. The first 8 clubs qualify for the play-offs. The play-offs are played using the knock-out format. The quarter-finals and semifinals use "best of 5" series, while the final is played using a "best of 7" series. The last 2 teams following the regular season are automatically relegated to the Division B.


The championship was founded in 1950 and the most successful club is Dinamo Bucureşti with 22 titles, followed closely by Steaua Bucureşti with 21. But in recent years Asesoft Ploieşti is the best team in the country, winning the championship 6 times consecutively, 2004-Present. Asesoft is the only Romanian team who won a European competition, namely the FIBA EuroCup Challenge, in 2005.

Notable Divizia A players[]

Despite its mediocre present, Romanian basketball had a bright past, three of its former players becoming worldwide basketball stars. These three players have been recently inducted in the European Basketball Hall of Fame, as a recognition for their glorious careers.

  • Antonio Alexe - Played all his career in the Romanian and Hungarian basketball leagues. Became Romanian champion 3 times, twice with CSU Asesoft and once with West Petrom Arad, before dying in a tragic car accident, in 2005.
  • Constantin Popa - After debuting in Divizia A for BC Dinamo Bucureşti, went overseas to play for the University of Miami in the NCAA Division 1, becoming the tallest player ever in the history of the school. Drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 1995 NBA Draft, he never played in the NBA, but had a successful career in the CBA, before returning to Europe.

Teams for 2010–11 season[]

Team City Arena Capacity
BC Mures* Târgu Mureş Sala Sporturilor Târgu Mureş 2000
BC Steaua Turabo Bucureşti* Bucureşti Sala Mihai Viteazul 200
Asesoft Ploieşti* Ploieşti Sala Sporturilor Olimpia 4000
Gaz Metan Mediaş* Mediaş Sala Sporturilor Mediaş 1000
U Cluj Cluj Napoca Sala Sporturilor Horia Demian 2500
Energia Rovinari Târgu Jiu Sala Sporturilor Târgu Jiu 1000
CSM Bucureşti Bucureşti Sala Sporturilor Bucureşti 200
BC Argeş Piteşti Piteşti Sala Sporturilor Trivale 1000
BCM Elba Timişoara Timişoara Sala Constantin Jude 2000
CS Otopeni Otopeni Sala Otopeni 200
SCM Universitatea Craiova Craiova Sala Sporturilor Craiova 6000
CSM Oradea Oradea Arena Antonio Alexa 2000
CSU Sibiu Sibiu Sala Transilvania 3000
BC Miercurea Ciuc Miercurea Ciuc Sala Sporturilor Miercurea Ciuc 1500
CSU Braşov Braşov Sala Sporturilor Braşov 2000
Politehnica Iaşi Iaşi Sala Sporturilor Iaşi 1000

Winners by season[]

Season Champion
1950/51 Metalul București
1951/52 Metalul București
1952/53 Dinamo Bucureşti
1953/54 Dinamo Bucureşti
1954/55 Dinamo Bucureşti
1955/56 Steaua Bucureşti
1956/57 Dinamo Bucureşti
1957/58 Steaua Bucureşti
1958/59 Steaua Bucureşti
1959/60 Steaua Bucureşti
1960/61 Steaua Bucureşti
1961/62 Steaua Bucureşti
1962/63 Steaua Bucureşti
1963/64 Steaua Bucureşti
1964/65 Dinamo Bucureşti
1965/66 Steaua Bucureşti
1966/67 Dinamo Bucureşti
1967/68 Dinamo Bucureşti
1968/69 Dinamo Bucureşti
1969/70 Steaua Bucureşti
1970/71 Dinamo Bucureşti
1971/72 Dinamo Bucureşti
1972/73 Dinamo Bucureşti
1973/74 Dinamo Bucureşti
1974/75 Dinamo Bucureşti
1975/76 Dinamo Bucureşti
1977/78 Steaua Bucureşti
1978/79 Dinamo Bucureşti
1979/80 Steaua Bucureşti
1980/81 Steaua Bucureşti
1981/82 Steaua Bucureşti
1982/83 Dinamo Bucureşti
1983/84 Steaua Bucureşti
1984/85 Steaua Bucureşti
1985/86 Steaua Bucureşti
1986/87 Steaua Bucureşti
1987/88 Dinamo Bucureşti
1988/89 Steaua Bucureşti
1989/90 Steaua Bucureşti
1990/91 Steaua Bucureşti
1991/92 Universitatea Cluj-Napoca
1992/93 Universitatea Cluj-Napoca
1993/94 Dinamo Bucureşti
1994/95 CSU Sibiu
1995/96 Universitatea Cluj-Napoca
1996/97 Dinamo Bucureşti
1997/98 Dinamo Bucureşti
1998/99 CSU Sibiu
1999/00 BC Argeş Piteşti
2000/01 Petrom Arad
2001/02 Petrom Arad
2002/03 Dinamo Bucureşti
2003/04 Asesoft Ploieşti
2004/05 Asesoft Ploieşti
2005/06 Asesoft Ploieşti
2006/07 Asesoft Ploieşti
2007/08 Asesoft Ploieşti
2008/09 Asesoft Ploieşti
2009/10 Asesoft Ploieşti
2010/11 Universitatea Cluj-Napoca

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  • Romanian Women's Basketball League

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