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The Iowa Basketball Exposure League (IBEL) is a professional basketball league based in Des Moines, Iowa. The IBEL announced that the Central Iowa Hybrids, Iowa Wind Turbines, and Des Moines Hydrogen would join the league for the late spring 2010 season.[1]

IBEL games are scheduled for weekends, with practices in the evenings so players and coaches can continue with their daytime careers or educational programs. The goal of the IBEL is to develop 30 to 40 players a year for international basketball teams.[2]

In November 2009, the IBEL advertised open tryouts in Des Moines, and later announced that 11 players had been selected from the tryout to participate in the 2010 season. Many of the selected players had previous international, NCAA, NCCAA, NAIA, and JUCO experience. Following the Des Moines tryout, the IBEL noted that they would be announcing another open tryout for college seniors and current professionals in the near future.[2]

Coaches for the 2010 season included Alan Chartrand, Ja'Nae Mosley, and Jack Nolan.


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