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File:LEB Oro.png
FoundedTemplate:Start date and age
First season1996–97
ConfederationFIBA Europe
Number of teams18
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toLiga ACB
Relegation toLEB Plata
Domestic cup(s)Copa Princesa de Asturias
Current championsCovirán Granada
(1st title)
Most championshipsUCAM Murcia CB
Gipuzkoa Basket
CB Breogán
(3 titles)
TV partnersLaLigaSportsTV
WebsiteTemplate:Official website
File:Basketball current event.svg 2022–23 season

The Liga Española de Baloncesto, also known as LEB Oro, is the second basketball division of the Spanish basketball league system after the Liga ACB. It is run by the FEB. The Liga Española de Baloncesto is divided into two categories (the other one is the LEB Plata). The LEB league was founded in 1996 and is played under FIBA rules. It was renamed LEB Oro in 2007.

The league is contested by 18 clubs. Each season, the top-finishing team in the LEB Oro are automatically promoted to the Liga ACB. The teams that finish the season in 2nd to 9th place enter a playoff tournament, with the winner also gaining promotion to the Liga ACB. The three lowest-finishing teams in the LEB Oro are relegated to LEB Plata.

A total of 78 teams have competed in LEB Oro since its inception in 1996. 19 teams have been crowned champions and 30 teams have gained promotion to Liga ACB, of which only five teams could not play in Liga ACB. Club Melilla Baloncesto is the only team that played all seasons of the league.

Championship format[]

File:C.B.Valladolid vs C.B.Breogán 16.jpg

A 2015 playoffs game between CB Valladolid and CB Breogán.

Each team of has to play with all the other teams of its division twice, once at home and the other at the opponent's arena.

Each victory adds two points to the team in the league ranking, while each loss adds only one. At the end of the league:

  • The winner of the Regular season promotes directly to Liga ACB.
  • Teams qualified between second and ninth position play the promotion play-offs, where the winner promotes with the regular season champion to Liga ACB.
  • The worst or the two worst teams are relegated to LEB Plata.

At the half of the league, the two first teams in the table play the Copa Princesa at home of the winner of the first half season. The Champion of this Cup will play the play-offs as first qualified if it finishes the league between the 2nd and the 5th qualified.

LEB History[]

File:C.B.Valladolid vs C.B.Breogán 21.jpg

Porfirio Fisac achieved three titles and collaborated in other one before leaving.

The two first teams are promoted to ACB. Since 2007–08, is known as LEB Oro (LEB Gold) and the regular season champion promotes to ACB without playing the playoffs. The winner of the Playoffs Finals is the other promoted team.

League names[]

  • 1996–2006: LEB
  • 2006–2007: Adecco LEB
  • 2007–2015: Adecco Oro
  • 2015–present: LEB Oro


Season Champion Runner-up MVP Champion's Coach
1996–97 CB Ciudad de Huelva Caja Cantabria United States of America Bob Harstad Spain Sergio Valdeolmillos
1997–98 Murcia Artel Baloncesto Fuenlabrada United States of America Tony Smith Spain Felipe Coello
1998–99 Breogán Universidade Cabitel Gijón United States of America Eric Cuthrell Spain Paco García
1999–00 CB Lucentum Alicante Club Ourense Baloncesto United States of America Joe Bunn Spain Andreu Casadevall
2000–01 Caprabo Lleida CB Granada United States of America Michael Wilson Spain Edu Torres
2001–02 CB Lucentum Alicante Manresa United States of America Lawrence Lewis Argentina Julio Lamas
2002–03 Etosa Murcia Unelco Tenerife Template:Country data DOMTemplate:Namespace detect showall Jaime Peterson Spain Felipe Coello
2003–04 Bilbao Basket CB Granada United States of America Aaron Swinson Spain Txus Vidorreta
2004–05 Baloncesto Fuenlabrada IBB Hoteles Menorca Spain Ricardo Guillén Spain Luis Casimiro
2005–06 Bruesa GBC Polaris World Murcia United States of America Thomas Terrell Spain Porfirio Fisac
2006–07 Ricoh Manresa Climalia León Spain Ricardo Guillén Spain Jaume Ponsarnau
2007–08 Basket CAI Zaragoza Bruesa GBC United States of America Andy Panko Spain Curro Segura
2008–09 CB Valladolid CB Lucentum Alicante United States of America Jakim Donaldson Spain Porfirio Fisac
2009–10 Basket CAI Zaragoza ViveMenorca United States of America Jakim Donaldson Spain José Luis Abós
2010–11 CB Murcia Blu:sens Monbús Spain Ricardo Guillén Spain Luis Guil
2011–12 Iberostar CanariasTemplate:Efn Menorca BàsquetTemplate:Efn United States of America Jakim Donaldson Spain Alejandro Martínez
2012–13 Ford BurgosTemplate:EfnTemplate:Efn CB Lucentum AlicanteTemplate:Efn Czech Republic Ondřej Starosta Spain Andreu Casadevall
2013–14 River Andorra MoraBanc Ford BurgosTemplate:EfnTemplate:Efn Spain Jordi Trias Spain Joan Peñarroya
2014–15 Ford BurgosTemplate:EfnTemplate:Efn Club Ourense BaloncestoTemplate:Efn Spain Ricardo Guillén Spain Andreu Casadevall
2015–16 Quesos Cerrato PalenciaTemplate:Efn Club Melilla BaloncestoTemplate:Efn Spain Óliver Arteaga Spain Porfirio Fisac / Spain Sergio García
2016–17 GBC San Pablo Inmobiliaria Burgos Spain Jordi Trias Spain Porfirio Fisac
2017–18 Cafés Candelas Breogán ICL Manresa Spain Jordi Trias Spain Natxo Lezkano
2018–19 Real Betis Energía Plus RETAbet Bilbao Basket Template:Country data DOMTemplate:Namespace detect showall Tyson Pérez Spain Curro Segura
2019–20 Season curtailed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Template:Efn
2020–21 Río Breogán Covirán Granada Template:Country data DENTemplate:Namespace detect showall Kevin Larsen Spain Diego Epifanio
2021–22 Covirán Granada Club Bàsquet Girona 2014 Spain Marc Gasol Spain Pablo Pin




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