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Metro Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year
Awarded forthe most outstanding basketball player in the Metro Conference
CountryUnited States
First awarded1977
Last awarded1995
Currently held byJarvis Lang, UNC-Charlotte

The Metro Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year was a basketball award given to the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Athletic (Metro) Conference's most outstanding player. The award was first given following the 1976–77 season and was discontinued after the 1994–95 season. In 1995 the Metro Conference merged with the Great Midwest Conference to form Conference USA.

There three ties in the award's history—1978, 1981 and 1988. One player, Darrell Griffith of Louisville, was also named the National Player of the Year (1980) by being presented the John R. Wooden Award.

Louisville represents the most all-time winners of the Metro Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year with eight. The second most belong to Southern Mississippi with three (all of which belong to Clarence Weatherspoon). Weatherspoon was the only three-time winner of the award, while two others earned it twice (Keith Lee and Clifford Rozier).


Co-Players of the Year
* Awarded a national Player of the Year award:
the Naismith College Player of the Year or the John R. Wooden Award
Player (X) Denotes the number of times the player has been awarded the Player of the Year award


File:Darrell Griffith.jpg

Darrell Griffith was the only Metro Conference Player of the Year (POY) to also win a National POY award – the Wooden Award in 1979–80.


George McCloud won the award in 1989 as a player for Florida State University.

Season Player School Position Class Reference
1976–77 Yoder, GaryGary Yoder Cincinnati Shooting guard/Small forward Senior
1977–78 Davis, HarryHarry Davis Florida State Small forward Senior
1977–78 Wilson, RickRick Wilson Louisville Shooting guard/Point guard Senior
1978–79 Cummings, PatPat Cummings Cincinnati Center Senior
1979–80 Griffith, DarrellDarrell Griffith* Louisville Shooting guard Senior
1980–81 Burns, DavidDavid Burns Saint Louis Point guard Senior
1980–81 Smith, DerekDerek Smith Louisville Shooting guard Junior
1981–82 Lee, KeithKeith Lee Memphis State[d] Power forward/Center Freshman
1982–83 McCray, RodneyRodney McCray Louisville Small forward Senior
1983–84 Williams, JohnJohn Williams Tulane Power forward/Center Junior
1984–85 Lee, KeithKeith Lee (2) Memphis State Power forward/Center Senior
1985–86 Curry, DellDell Curry Virginia Tech Small forward Senior
1986–87 Crook, HerbertHerbert Crook Louisville Small forward/Shooting guard Junior
1987–88 Coles, BimboBimbo Coles Virginia Tech Point guard Sophomore
1987–88 Ellison, PervisPervis Ellison Louisville Center Junior
1988–89 McCloud, GeorgeGeorge McCloud Florida State Shooting guard/Small forward Senior
1989–90 Weatherspoon, ClarenceClarence Weatherspoon Southern Mississippi Power forward Sophomore
1990–91 Weatherspoon, ClarenceClarence Weatherspoon (2) Southern Mississippi Power forward Junior
1991–92 Weatherspoon, ClarenceClarence Weatherspoon (3) Southern Mississippi Power forward Senior
1992–93 Rozier, CliffordClifford Rozier Louisville Center Junior
1993–94 Rozier, CliffordClifford Rozier (2) Louisville Center Senior
1994–95 Lang, JarvisJarvis Lang UNC-Charlotte Small forward Senior

Winners by school[]

School (year joined) Winners Years
Louisville (1975)[a] 8 1978, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1993, 1994
Southern Mississippi (1982)[b] 3 1990, 1991, 1992
Cincinnati (1975)[a] 2 1977, 1979
Florida State (1976)[c] 2 1978, 1989
Memphis State (1975)[b] 2 1982, 1985
Virginia Tech (1979) 2 1986, 1988
Saint Louis (1975)[a] 1 1981
Tulane (1975)[b] 1 1984
UNC-Charlotte (1991)[a] 1 1995

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