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Novahut logo basketbal denik clanek solo--resizecrop-c220xt220 NH Ostrava (more precisely, BK Nova Hut Ostrava) is a Czech basketball club playing National League basketball.

The club was founded in 1952 under the name Falcon NHKG Steel Ostrava. Soon after he started playing the highest Czechoslovak basketball competition after the split of Czechoslovakia, he moved to the NBL, it plays today. The name carries NH Ostrava since 1991. Over its history, won the club's three second and five third places, champion him, but so far elusive. Currently (January 2007) moves in the middle of the league table. Squad for season 2010 - 2011

4 Ondrej Zavadil 5 Alton Mason 6 Joshua Gibson 7 Michal Palát 8 Luke Palyza 9 Philip Zabránek 10 Marek Stuchly 11 Adam Číž 12 Dwight Burke 14 Martin Gniadek 22 Vaclav Negro 25 Cezary Trybanski 31 Jan Stehlik

The best player in the club:

12 Dwight Burke