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The National Junior Collge Athletic Association (NJCAA) Men's Division III Basketball Championships consists of eight teams playing over a three day period (Thursday-Saturday) in March to determine a National Champion. The tournament field is made up of teams that win either region or district championships that are required to earn entry into the tournament.

How The Tournament Works[]

The Tournament is a standard eight-team tournament. Each team will play three games in the Tournament to determine first through eighth places.

One qualifier will emerge from each of the following districts

District 1 Region III
District 2 Region IV & VII
District 3 Region II & V
District 4 Region XIII
District 5 Regions XV
District 6 Region XIX
District 7 Region X, XVII & XX
District 8 Regions XXI

Before teams begin to qualify for the tournament, a Blind Draw is done to determine the matchups between the different districts in the Quarterfinals.

The 2010 Blind Draw Results Are Listed Below.

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Game 1: District 3 vs. District 6
Game 2: District 4 vs. District 5
Game 3: District 7 vs. District 8
Game 4: District 2 vs. District 1

The Semi-Finals of the Tournament consist of the Winners of Game 1 and Game 2 of the Quarterfinals playing each other followed by the Winners of Game 3 and Game 4 of the Quarterfinals.

The Consolation Games consist of the Losers of Games 1 and 2 of the Quarters playing each other followed by the Losers of Games 3 and 4 of the Quarters playing each other.

Consolation Games/Semi Finals
Friday, March 12, 2010
Game 5: Loser Game one vs. Loser Game Two
Game 6: Loser Game three vs. Loser Game four
Game 7: Winner Game one vs. Winner Game two
Game 8: Winner Game three vs. Winner Game four

On the final day of the Tournament, teams play each other to find out which place they will finish. Three teams ranging from 2nd place to 4th place are guaranteed to finish 2-1, with the National Title game loser finishing in 2nd. Teams finishing from 5th place to 7th place will finish 1-2. Only one team will finish 0-3 and that team will place in 8th. The only team that finishes the tournament 3-0 will be the National Champion.

Championship Saturday
Saturday, March 13, 2010
Game 9: Loser Game five vs. Loser Game six - 7th/8th Place
Game 10: Winner Game five vs. Winner Game six - 4th/6th Place
Game 11: Loser Game seven vs. Loser Game eight - 3rd/5th Place
Game 12: Winner Game seven vs. Winner Game eight - National Championship Game

Tournament Hosts[]

SUNY Delhi (1991–2010)

Sullivan County Community College (2011–2013)

Past Tournament Results[]

The list of NJCAA Division III Men's Basketball Championship winners, along with runners-up and final scores, follows.

Year Winner Runner Up Score
1991 Herkimer County Community College Community College of Rhode Island 108-105
1992 Sullivan County Community College Eastfield College 101-76
1993 Onondaga Community College Minneapolis Community College (Minn.) 84-78
1994 Gloucester County College Sullivan County Community College 71-69
1995 Sullivan County Community College Corning Community College 93-80
1996 Sullivan County Community College Gloucester County College 74-63
1997 Eastfield College Jefferson Community College 79-75
1998 Fergus Falls Community College (Minn.) Monroe College 94-85 (OT)
1999 Richland College Vermilion Community College 80-76
2000 Roxbury Community College College of DuPage 103-79
2001 Cedar Valley College Sullivan County Community College 78-55
2002 College of DuPage Sullivan County Community College 73-58
2003 Suffolk County Community College-Selden College of DuPage 61-56
2004 Suffolk County Community College-Selden Eastfield College 83-81 (OT)
2005 Hostos Community College Joliet Junior College 73-71
2006 North Lake College Gloucester County College 78-65
2007 Sullivan County Community College Northland Community and Technical College 74-68
2008 North Lake College Joliet Junior College 73-70
2009 Richland College Minneapolis Community and Technical College 58-57
2010 Joliet Junior College Rochester Community and Technical College 94-82
2011 TBD TBD
2012 TBD TBD
2013 TBD TBD

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