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The National Commissioners Invitational Tournament was an eight team postseason college men's basketball tournament run by the NCAA. It was introduced in 1974 as the Collegiate Commissioners Association Tournament. It was created because the NCAA wanted to try to get rid of the NIT. The tournament was won in 1974 by Indiana over USC, 85-60, in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a collection of teams that came in second in their conferences, as in 1974 the NCAA Tournament only invited conference champions. The 1975 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament expanded to include at-large teams. In 1975 the tournament was won by Drake over Arizona, 83-76, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Year Champion Runner-up MVP Location
1974 Indiana 85 Southern California 60 Kent Benson, Indiana St. Louis, Missouri
1975 Drake 83 Arizona 76 Bob Elliott, Arizona Louisville, Kentucky