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North Georgia Nighthawks
North Georgia Nighthawks
School Name: University of North Georgia
Location: Dahlonega, Georgia
Arena: Memorial Hall
Capacity: 2,500
Conference: Peach Belt Conference
Head coach: Chris Faulkner

The North Georgia Nighthawks represent the University of North Georgia (UNG), located in Dahlonega, Georgia in NCAA Division II sports. The Nighthawks are currently members of the Peach Belt Conference.

Naming history[]

The Nighthawks originally represented North Georgia College & State University (NGCSU), and began with the nickname "Cadets", as the school was (and still is) one of six schools designated by the U.S. federal government as "senior military colleges" (a status separate from that of the service academies). However, most of today's university students are not officer trainees.

Once the school added women's teams, those teams became "Golddiggers", a call-back to the school's location in a historic gold-mining town. Several years later, all teams changed to "Saints" and "Lady Saints".

In 2013, NGCSU was merged with Gainesville State College, a junior college serving that region, to create the current UNG. The new school inherited the NGCSU athletic program, and changed its nickname to the current Nighthawks for both men and women.

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