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The Southwest Conference (SWC) was an NCAA athletic conference that existed from 1915 to 1996, and held its postseason basketball tournament, also called the "SWC Classic," starting in 1976.

Tournament champions by year[]

Year SWC Champion Score Runner-up Most Outstanding Player Venue (and city)
1976 Texas Tech 74-72 Texas A&M Rick Bullock, Texas Tech Moody Coliseum (Dallas, Texas)
1977 Arkansas 80-74 Houston Ron Brewer, Arkansas The Summit (Houston, Texas)
1978 Houston 92-90 Texas Mike Schultz, Houston The Summit (Houston, Texas)
1979 Arkansas 39-38 Texas Sidney Moncrief, Arkansas The Summit (Houston, Texas)
1980 Texas A&M 52-50 Arkansas David Britton, Texas A&M HemisFair Arena (San Antonio, Texas)
1981 Houston 84-59 Texas Rob Williams, Houston HemisFair Arena (San Antonio, Texas)
1982 Arkansas 84-69 Houston Alvin Robertson, Arkansas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1983 Houston 62-59 Texas Christian Michael Young, Houston Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1984 Houston 57-56 Arkansas Akeem Olajuwon, Houston Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1985 Texas Tech 67-64 Arkansas Joe Kleine, Arkansas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1986 Texas Tech 67-63 Texas A&M Tony Benford, Texas Tech Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1987 Texas A&M 71-46 Baylor Winston Crite, Texas A&M Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1988 Southern Methodist 75-64 Baylor Micheal Williams, Baylor Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1989 Arkansas 100-76 Texas Lenzie Howell, Arkansas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1990 Arkansas 96-84 Houston Todd Day, Arkansas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1991 Arkansas 120-89 Texas Oliver Miller, Arkansas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1992 Houston 91-72 Texas Dexter Cambridge, Texas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1993 Texas Tech 88-74 Houston Lance Hughes, Texas Tech Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1994 Texas 87-62 Texas A&M B. J. Tyler, Texas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1995 Texas 107-104 (OT) Texas Tech Terrence Rencher, Texas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1996 Texas Tech 75-73 Texas Reggie Freeman, Texas Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)

Championships by school[]

Titles School
6 Arkansas
5 Houston, Texas Tech
2 Texas, Texas A&M
1 Southern Methodist

Television coverage[]

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