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The Shot Coach - Automatic Shot Tracking System

After practicing for thousands of hours are you really seeing the improvement in your basketball game that you wanted? You may never be sure, unless you have been manually tracking your stats while you shoot around at the park or are lucky enough to have somebody dedicated enough to watch you practice and keep track for you. Up until now, trying to track your basketball shooting progress has been an annoying distraction from actually practicing your shot. Now, tracking your stats is as easy as checking your Shot Coach basketball app.

The Shot Coach system is the first system to combine the use of advanced technology with a mobile basketball app to automatically track your statistics while you practice or play in a scrimmage or pick-up game. Merely by wearing a wristband, the Shot Coach will automatically track your made and missed shots, along with where you were shooting from on the basketball court. Installing the small 3 inch box that attaches under the basketball rim is easy, and the Shot Coach system does the rest of the stat tracking work for you.

The Shot Coach wristband and mobile basketball app can track all of the following items for you with incredible accuracy:

  • Successful shots
  • Unsuccessful Shots
  • Your Shooting Location on the Court
  • Shooting Technique and Form
  • “Sweet Spots” and Weak Areas

If you want to improve your basketball game without the hassle of tracking your stats – let the Shot Coach do it for you. Spend more time shooting and less time tracking.

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