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Towson Tigers
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School Name: Towson Tigers
Location: Towson, Maryland
Arena: Towson Center
Capacity: 5,250
Conference: CAA
Head coach: Pat Kennedy

Towson University, formerly Maryland State Normal School (1866-1935), Maryland State Teachers College at Towson (1935-1963), Towson State College (1963-1976), Towson State University (1976-1997), is a public university located in Towson in Baltimore County, Maryland. It is part of the University System of Maryland. TU was originally a training school for teachers in Baltimore, and over the years it has expanded and evolved into a 4-year degree granting institution consisting of 8 colleges with over 20,000 students enrolled. Towson is also the second largest public university in Maryland, and still produces the most teachers of any university in the state.

The Towson Tigers, formerly Towson College Knights, are the athletics teams of Towson University. All of the major athletic teams compete in the Colonial Athletic Association with 18 Division I athletic teams (11 in women's sports, 7 in men's sports).

TU is particularly known for its 9 time National Champion Dance Team. Every year the team travels to Daytona Beach, Florida to compete in the National Dance Association College Nationals in D1 Division. The team won their 9th consecutive title in April 2007.

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