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Western Carolina Catamounts
Western Carolina Catamounts.jpg
School Name: Western Carolina University
Location: Cullowhee, North Carolina
Arena: Ramsey Center
Capacity: 7,500
Conference: Southern
Head coach: Larry Hunter

Western Carolina University is one of the sixteen public universities that make up the University of North Carolina System. Western Carolina is a comprehensive university offering a broad array of undergraduate and graduate programs, and is recognized as a national leader in the application of computer technology in education. Western Carolina offers degree programs at the bachelor, masters and doctoral levels.

Western Carolina University is a NCAA member school and has been a member of the Southern Conference since 1976.

The university's mascot is the Catamount, one of only two universities in the United States with this mascot. The other is the University of Vermont.

Western Carolina University intercollegiate athletics include men's football, men and women's basketball, men's baseball, women's softball, women's soccer, golf, track and field, cross country running, women's volleyball, and tennis among others. The Catamounts currently hold a NCAA Men's Basketball record for their 1996 2-point loss to Purdue University. A #16 seed has never won a NCAA Div I. tournament game against a #1 Seed. The Ramsey Center, home of men's and women's basketball at WCU is the largest arena in Western North Carolina.

Women's Basketball

Historic 1969 Team

The women of Western Carolina University's 1969 basketball team made history on March 22. They were the first team to compete in the CIAW Championship, facing West Chester State (PA) in the title game.

Despite losing that historic game, 39-65, that '69 squad had much to be proud of in a time when the game they loved so much was not even recognized as a varsity sport. The team finished its fourth season with a 14-3 record, losing only to UNC-Greensboro (twice) and West Chester in that final game. That team was coached by Betty Westmoreland and consisted of 14 players, including Janet Cain, Marilyn Sheets, Jane McCleese, Nora Lynn Finch, Edna Jessup, Barbara Kaylor, Barbara Vaughn, Suzanne McGinnis, Karen Pike, Brenda Williams, Kathy Shannonhouse, Becky Griffen, Kris Kulp and Lynn Milner.

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