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The Women's Chinese Basketball Association (中国女子篮球甲级联赛; sometimes translated as China National Women's Basketball Association) is a women's professional basketball league in the People's Republic of China. It is commonly known as the WCBA, and this name (spelled out in Latin letters) is often used even in Chinese.


The WCBA was established in 2002. It is the women's counterpart to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Teams (2007-08)[]

Group A[]

  • Beijing Great Wall (北京金隅长城)
  • Fujian (Yunnan) East Sea (福建南安)
  • Jiangsu Phoenix (江苏南钢大华)
  • Liaoning Leopards (辽宁衡业)
  • Shenyang Golden Lions (沈部三洋电梯)
  • Zhejiang Far East (浙江远东太平洋百货)

Group B[]

  • Bayi Kylins (八一广博文具)
  • Guangdong Sunray Cave (广东日之泉)
  • Henan Elephants (河南豫光金铅)
  • Heilongjiang (Hayao) Dragons (黑龙江哈药集团)
  • Shandong Sports Lottery (山东体育彩票)
  • Shanghai Octopus (上海东方八爪鱼)

The full name of each team usually consists of three parts, in the following order:

  1. A geographic designation (except in the case of the Bayi or "August First" team). Currently all of these are province-level designations (either a province or a municipality).
  2. A corporate sponsor name; this sponsor may change from year to year or perhaps even in mid-season.
  3. A nickname, such as the name of an animal. This rarely changes.

This can sometimes lead to confusion about what name to use in English because many variants may be seen. Team names are usually abbreviated (in Chinese or English), so that either the corporate sponsor name or the nickname is used interchangeably (rarely both). Also, the nickname can sometimes be translated into English in more than one way; also the corporate sponsor name can change frequently over time.

Playoff Champions[]

For a complete listing of WCBA Finals results, go to WCBA Finals Champions.

The Bayi Kylins have dominated the Women's Chinese Basketball Association, winning four of the six championship titles, including the 2008 title. They have been rivaled recently only by the Liaoning Leopards, who were playoff finalists in 2008 and champions the two previous years.

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