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The Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) is the premier women's basketball league in Australia.

Current clubs[]

There are currently 10 teams in the WNBL with all Australian states represented, with the exceptions of Tasmania and the Northern Territory:

  • Adelaide Lightning
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • Bendigo Spirit
  • Bulleen Boomers
  • Canberra Capitals
  • Dandenong Rangers
  • Logan Thunder
  • West Coast Waves
  • Sydney Uni Flames
  • Townsville Fire

Former and defunct clubs[]

  • Christchurch Sirens
  • Coburg Cougars
  • Hobart Islanders
  • North Adelaide
  • Nunawading Spectres
  • Perth Lynx
  • St Kilda Saints
  • Sydney Panthers


The league was established in 1986, following 5 years of the sport's development through the Women’s Basketball League and the Women’s Basketball Conference. WNBL games are televised live or on delay on ABC1.

The 2007/08 season saw the addition of two new teams: the Bendigo Spirit and the Christchurch Sirens from New Zealand, which is the first franchise from outside of Australia.

The 2008/09 season saw the addition of Logan Thunder, a team from Logan City, the first team from South-East Queensland in over 10 years. They replaced the Christchurch Sirens.

The league has been successful in developing players, the national team (the Opals), and has led to many Australian women receiving contracts to play basketball in European leagues and the WNBA. Michele Timms was the first Australian woman and the first international player drafted in the WNBA. Among the other notable players to make the transition from the WNBL to the WNBA are Lauren Jackson, Penny Taylor-Gil, Tully Bevilaqua, Suzy Batkovic-Brown, Belinda Snell, Erin Phillips and Kristi Harrower. Those who have gone the other direction include American star Alana Beard. In fact, as the seasons do not overlap, players can participate in both leagues in the same year.

League Grand Finals[]

  • 2009 (13 March) : Template:WNBL CC 61 def Template:WNBL BMB 58.
  • 2008 (8 March): Template:WNBL AL 92 def Template:WNBL SF 82.
  • 2007 (17 February): Template:WNBL CC 73 def Template:WNBL SF 59.
  • 2006 (18 February): Template:WNBL CC 68 def Template:WNBL DR 55 - Lauren Jackson (Capitals) was game high scorer with 24pt

Complete list of WNBL Grand Final winners

Season WNBL Champion Coach
1981 St Kilda Saints Bill Palmer
1982 St Kilda Saints Bill Palmer
1983 Nunawading Spectres Tom Maher
1984 Nunawading Spectres Tom Maher
1985 Coburg Cougars
1986 Nunawading Spectres Tom Maher
1987 Nunawading Spectres Tom Maher
1988 Nunawading Spectres Tom Maher
1989 Nunawading Spectres
1990 North Adelaide Mark Molitor
1991 Hobart Islanders Danny Adams
1992 Perth Breakers Tom Maher
1993 Sydney Flames Carrie Graf
1994 Adelaide Lightning Jan Stirling
1995 Adelaide Lightning Jan Stirling
1996 Adelaide Lightning Jan Stirling
1997 Sydney Flames Bill Tomlinson
1998 Adelaide Lightning Jan Stirling
1998-99 Australian Institute of Sport Phil Brown
1999-00 Canberra Capitals Carrie Graf
2000-01 Sydney Panthers Karen Dalton/Tom Maher
2001-02 Canberra Capitals Carrie Graf
2002-03 Canberra Capitals Tom Maher
2003-04 Dandenong Rangers Gary Fox
2004-05 Dandenong Rangers Gary Fox
2005-06 Canberra Capitals Carrie Graf
2006-07 Canberra Capitals Carrie Graf
2007-08 Adelaide Lightning Vicki Valk
2008-09 Canberra Capitals Carrie Graf
2009-10 Canberra Capitals Carrie Graf
2010-11 Bulleen Boomers Tom Maher

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