1984 NBA Draft - 19 June 1984

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The 1984 NBA Draft is regarded as one of the most important in the history of the league, bringing on four future members of the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team: Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and John Stockton. These four players accumulated seven MVP awards, 23 All-NBA First Team appearances and 45 NBA All-Star Game selections.

Likewise, many future solid players were drafted in 1984, including Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis, Sam Perkins and Alvin Robertson. It could be noted that the Chicago Bulls inexplicably drafted the track and field star Carl Lewis with the 208th pick overall. Needless to say, Lewis stuck with the track and never played basketball for the Bulls.

Round One編輯

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team College/HS/Club Team
1 Hakeem Olajuwon (C) 模板:NGR Houston Rockets Houston
2 Sam Bowie (C) 模板:USA Portland Trail Blazers Kentucky
3 Michael Jordan (SF/SG) 模板:USA Chicago Bulls North Carolina
4 Sam Perkins (PF/C) 模板:USA Dallas Mavericks North Carolina
5 Charles Barkley (PF) 模板:USA Philadelphia 76ers Auburn
6 Melvin Turpin (C) 模板:USA Washington Bullets Kentucky
7 Alvin Robertson (SG) 模板:USA San Antonio Spurs Arkansas
8 Lancaster Gordon (SG) 模板:USA Los Angeles Clippers Louisville
9 Otis Thorpe (PF) 模板:USA Kansas City Kings Providence
10 Leon Wood (SG) 模板:USA Philadelphia 76ers Cal State Fullerton
11 Kevin Willis (PF/C) 模板:USA Atlanta Hawks Michigan State
12 Tim McCormick 模板:USA Cleveland Cavaliers (*) Michigan
13 Jay Humphries 模板:USA Phoenix Suns Colorado
14 Michael Cage (PF) 模板:USA Los Angeles Clippers San Diego State
15 Terrance Stansbury (SG) 模板:USA Dallas Mavericks Temple
16 John Stockton (PG) 模板:USA Utah Jazz Gonzaga
17 Jeff Turner (PF) 模板:USA New Jersey Nets Vanderbilt
18 Vern Fleming (SF/SG) 模板:USA Indiana Pacers Georgia
19 Bernard Thompson 模板:USA Portland Trail Blazers Fresno State
20 Tony Campbell 模板:USA Detroit Pistons Ohio State
21 Kenny Fields 模板:USA Milwaukee Bucks UCLA
22 Tom Sewell 模板:USA Philadelphia 76ers Lamar
23 Earl Jones (C) 模板:USA Los Angeles Lakers District of Columbia
24 Michael Young (PF) 模板:USA Boston Celtics Houston

(*) compensation for draft choices traded away by Ted Stepien

Notable post-first round picks編輯

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team College/HS/Club Team
27 Ron Anderson (SG/SF) 模板:USA Cleveland Cavaliers Fresno State
46 Jerome Kersey (SF) 模板:USA Portland Trail Blazers Longwood
70 Rick Carlisle (PG) 模板:USA Boston Celtics Virginia
208 Carl Lewis 模板:USA Chicago Bulls Houston